Sofía Braun

Software Engineer, awesome Ruby on Rails developer

About me

I am seeking to work in agile and innovative projects where I can face new challenges every day in order to grow my expertise.

My career

Cloud Dentistry

Stack: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis

New product development. Cloud Dentistry is a marketplace for dentists where a dental owner can find a dentist near his location and hire him. It includes searches for dentists, payments with credit cards, booking and rating system.

Millwork Traders

Stack: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis

General site maintenance, new product features, and troubleshoot user issues, as needed.

Small Business Advocate

Stack: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL

General site maintenance, new product features, and troubleshoot user issues, as needed.


Stack: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL

As a freelance developer I developed an application for a political party in Argentina where they could keep track of all the projects presented at the city council and make it accesible to the general public. So a non-politician person can learn about the projects being presented, which one were approved, which weren't and find out how each political party voted a specific project. Users also can see a map with the locations of all projects so they can discover what is happening near their areas of interest, users also can subscribe to a newsletter so they can be informed when new projects arrive at specific areas.


Software Developer

As a software developer at TekGenesis my team and I develop software that manages internal processes for one of Argentina's largest chains of home appliances. I work with Java, Scala, SBT, Git, HTML, CSS3,AngularJS.


Software Developer Intern at Oracle

Software developer intern at Oracle as a front-end software developer. I worked with technologies such as Actionscript 3, Java,ANT, Git among others.


Co-Founded OX

I Co-Fonded OX with some friends at the University. We developed a whiteboard in Java and customized software to use with the whiteboard for schools.The software we provided consisted on educational activities made on Flash. We also developed web platforms in Ruby on Rails.


My Skills

Ruby/Ruby on Rails Expert
AngularJS Expert
Sinatra Pro
Heroku Expert
Databases (MySQL - PostgreSQL) Pro

Awesomness level

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. --Martin Fowler

Awesome coding skills

I keep coding standards because I think the best applications are coded properly. This sounds like an obvious statement, but by ‘properly’, I mean that the code not only does its job well, but is also easy to add to, maintain and debug.

Working on improving my skills

I am always searching for new ways to improve my skills. I take online courses in Coursera and Udacity (the last one I took was in AI) and every day I spend at least one hour trying to improve one of my skills. I also read a lot of technological magazines and constantly try new technologies or frameworks.

Check out some of my other skills

  • 90/100 Ruby
  • 90/100 Ruby on Rails
  • 85/100 Sinatra
  • 85/100 Middleman
  • 95/100 Middleman
  • 90/100 HTML
  • 75/100 CSS
  • 90/100 Javascript
  • 90/100 Ajax
  • 90/100 AngularJS
  • 80/100 Polymer
  • 90/100 MongoDB
  • 90/100 MySQL
  • 90/100 PostgreSQL
  • 70/100 User Experience
  • 95/100 Team Work
  • 95/100 Technical background
  • 90/100 Web Aplications


Software Engineer

Universidad Austral


I studied software engineer at Universidad Austral and got my Diploma with a PGA of 8.58. I learned all the basics of programming and designing a software and learned about many programming languages and frameworks. At Universidad Austral we also made some amazing projects about operating systems, compilers, web programming, etc.

Bilingual Bachelor in Economics

Michael Ham Memorial College


I attended school in Argentina from 1996 to 2007. I obtained a bilingual bachelor degree in economics. While in school I took the IGCSE examinations on: First Language English (A), Literature (A*), Mathematics (A*) and the AS examinations for Mathematics (A) and Buisiness Studies (B)


Let's keep in touch!

There are two ways of constructing a software design: One way is to make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies, and the other way is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies. The first method is far more difficult. --C.A.R. Hoare